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Kuborgh expands in the area of eCommerce

Already since 2003 Kuborgh has been conceiving and realizing eCommerce projects –classical shops as well as individual solutions, such as communities, high-security shops for banks and online stores for different branches of industries.

Starting with osCommerce & xtCommerce we were always searching for the best technological solution. As we could not find one for quite long, we even designed and implemented an own shop system, which strongly focused on individual design. Unfortunately, we quickly realized that the development and expansion of an own shop system takes a lot of time. Therefore, we focused in the following on the popular system Magento as our primary shop system.

Kuborgh launched Fujitsu campaign in China and Hong Kong

After the large-scaled "Touch for Business" campaign was already released in 35 other countries, we are happy about the recent launch in China and Hong Kong! Moreover we are looking forward to further rollouts!

Kuborgh implemented the campaign – focusing on economy, talent development, security and communication – especially with regard to the various languages and country-specific aspects.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

At the end of the year we first want to thank all our customers, agents, partners, employees and freelancers for the good cooperation!
It is also a moment to look back and revue the last year.

Kuborgh implemented international rollout of a further Fujitsu project

For our existing customer Fujitsu Kuborgh implemented right after the "Touch for Business" campaign a further international rollout. The SAP Simplicity page was previously a monolingual plain HTML version. Kuborgh converted the site to an eZ Publish 5 CMS and implemented a rollout in currently seven countries, more are expected.

Kuborgh’s measure bundle as basis for eZ Publish 5.3.3 release

At the eZ Publish Summer Camp, where Till Kubelke recently took place, an often discussed topic was a required performance improvement of eZ Publish. Kuborgh presented several approaches that could help to improve the performance significantly.

Kuborgh is now a Facelift Partner

Kuborgh is now an official and certified partner of Facelift and can thereby use all FanActivator modules for app development.

Companies that were included in the network are distinguished by an outstanding know-how about Facebook and corresponding commitments in the realization of professional Facebook apps.

International eZ Publish 5 project for the customer Fujitsu

One of the most exciting recent projects is surely the complex eZ Publish development for our customer Fujitsu. For many years we have been working for this customer and were delighted when we were tasked with the current large "Touch for Business" campaign.

New journal article in the current BVDW Social Media Compass

The new BVDW Social Media compass was again published just in time for this year’s DMEXCO – Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference, a yearly trade fair in Cologne. This year the journal published sixteen professional articles on the topic of social media by a couple of industry experts. In its sixth edition the journal now appeared in both – the free BVDW app as well as in the print version which was available on the DMEXCO.

Kuborgh is Bronze sponsor of eZ Publish Summer Camp

As in the last year Kuborgh’s CEO Till Kubelke took place again at the four days lasting eZ Publish Summer Camp in Croatia. This year Kuborgh was also a sponsor of the camp. The annually international event organized by the community brings eZ Publish professionals from all over the world together and enables an exchange of their knowledge.

Fujitsu Project Summary

For many years we have worked very successfully with ourpartner Fujitsu. It all started with the Lifebook for Life campaign, when the agencies Jung von Matt, La Red and Red instructed us with the technical implementation of the campaign, which was rolled out in over 30 countries.