We provide your website with the appropriate visual and functional character.

You know how your website should look like – how big headers should be, where pictures or videos should be placed and which button leads to what effect. We transfer your design ideas into a precisely programmed web layout using HTML5 and CSS3, take care – with a sense for aesthetics – for the technical feasibility and provide a user-friendly surface (usability). With your website design you are able to communicate with the user, and thus determine the success of the website.

Challenge: Frontend

The front end includes everything on a site what is visible and structures the site, i.e. design, colors, shapes, fonts, buttons, images, animations and content. In a nutshell: The user interacts over the frontend. The frontend development is the digital implementation of the design. The required layouts – mostly created with Photoshop or Adobe Edge – need to be translated into a web-compatible language. Finally, when the user clicks on a button, it needs to react accordingly.
However, what is not immediately visible is just as important in the development: The programming must work perfectly in order to achieve the best possible results in terms of speed, search engine optimization and cross-platform support.

The Kuborgh Frontend Bundle

During our years of expertise and the implementation of complex projects, best practices in terms of frontend development have emerged. We are happy to offer these best practices to you within our budget-friendly Kuborgh Frontend Bundle. We are experts in dealing with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, and have extensive experience with HTML video players. We quickly include latest developments, such as Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation and Atomic design, in our repertoire in order to offer the best possible frontend package to you. Of course we are happy to consider and include your customizations.


Furthermore we ensure the compatibility of your website in all major browsers so that your page is properly displayed and runs in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc. Design and functions are set up to work on mobile devices as well and react responsively to the different screen sizes – whether on smartphones, iPad or Android tablets. Moreover we take care of the correct integration into the major social media channels and ensure that a Facebook share, for example, includes the right image. 

Interface and connectivity

By the way, the frontend is only a part of our business activities. Since we also take care of your backend development, we create interfaces directly in-house. This gives you the best possible project management - all from one source!


The frontend development needs to be done in a search engine optimized way to ensure that your website is listed high on Google. Of course, we have the know-how to match this criterion. Thus, the SEO optimization is an integral part of our Frontend Bundle.

The Frontend Bundle offers you the following:

  • Integration of images and video material
  • Video Conversion
  • Responsive representation for mobile devices
  • Compatibility in the most common browsers
  • Implementation with respect to search engine optimization
  • Performance optimization of the frontend
  • Technical advice in terms of frontend