Individual Bundle

You need a complex individual development, which goes far beyond standard solutions? Then Kuborgh is the right partner for you! Our Individual Bundle makes it possible.

Complex demands of a website or application require individual solutions. Kuborgh has ten years of experience in the customized development of sophisticated systems and professionally supports you in the design and implementation of your project.

The Kuborgh Individual Bundle

Often developments cannot be solved with proven standards. Large portals, unusual competitions or expensive interface bindings, as well as complex data models, require individual solutions. The Individual Bundle offers maximum flexibility in the definition of requirements and combines effective pragmatism with reliability. The result is your individual online solution: Stable, loadable and future-proof.

Rely on our know-how

In our Individual Bundle our best practices are summarized. Thus, we enable you the introduction to your project with a serious advantage: We take over basic decisions that precede a solid development. Essential, promising measures that are largely detached from the content of your project, have already been widely thought out, tested and implemented. Hence we have the necessary know-how to determine in what form continious integration, static code analysis, load testing, SEO and configuration management should be used. You can rely on our experience and thus focus on your individual and specific requirements.

Project structure

Especially regarding projects with a complex target, we found out that the concept phase at the beginning of the project is particularly crucial, since the corresponding course is set and the further course of the project is outlined. Here once more we can rely on tried and tested solutions. Professional technical concepts, such as data models serve as the structural basis, since they are associated with the development and therefore ensure that customer requirements are implemented correctly. Through a targeted and object oriented programming the transition from technical design to implementation is a consistent and naturally actionable step.


Kuborgh provides a loadable and by years of experience determined foundation for your project. This also includes that a project should be scalable – both in traffic and in the number of developers. Again we provide the necessary flexibility. Through extensive documentation, we achieve not only a solid maintainability, but also the possibility to integrate further developers in the process.


Furthermore the implementation of a highly complex application requires a developing environment that ensures an accurate and timely programming. Kuborgh relies on proven systems that are essential in the professional IT development and perform important quality assurance measures to ensure that your development meets highest standards.

These include:

  • Versioning with Git or SVN
  • Continuous Integration via Hudson/Jenkins
  • Static Code Analysis
  • Regular code reviews
  • Coding Guidelines
  • Cyclic load tests