Social Media

Looking for a professional social media solution? Then Kuborgh is your right partner!

The significant success factor of a social media app lies in its concise and original idea. So why should you bother with technical principles? The Kuborgh Social Media Bundle offers you the opportunity to focus on the content elaboration and optimization of your campaign itself! 

In the design and implementation of your application, the focus is clearly on individuality. Therefore, we do not offer you a simple building-kit, but an optimized and coordinated system that serves as a base for your campaign and uses Facebook etc. in a perfect way. With our Social Media Bundle we rely on ten years of online experience and over five years of social media expertise.

Creativity rather than simple ideas

Together with you we analyze the target group of your campaign and accordingly adjust your app. In the process we are always ambitious to provide a value for your customers. A creative idea will always leave a long lasting impression, while a simple lottery gets quickly forgotten.

To capture the information and user data from the contest for other purposes, we can also connect your existing system (e.g. CRM) to your Facebook app. Within the Facebook Bundle we offer you both writing and reading JSON-interfaces. These can easily be adapted to your existing syntax and can be attached to your system.

The Facebook Bundle offers you the following:

  • Basic access to the Facebook API
  • Optimization and summary of key Facebook API functions
  • Share, invite and leave messages to other Facebook users with familiar methods
  • Basic structure of the application (e.g. FanGate, Imprint, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer)
  • Basis for an individual design based on Twitter Bootstrap
  • Basic ability to use the app on mobile devices, or – if not included in the concept – notification that there is no mobile version of the app
  • Secured backend with different roles for the administration of the texts and user data (including Excel export option)
  • Already prepared tracking, based on Google Analytics
  • Secured interfaces to user data in order to draw a connection to your existing systems
  • We are happy to take over your customized hosting as well

Federal Association of Digital Economy

Kuborgh is furthermore a member of the "Bundesverband digitaler Wirtschaft (BVDW)”, the Federal Association of Digital Economy, and is actively involved in the association's work in the specialist group "Social Media”. As a social media expert Kuborgh’s CEO Jan van Randenborgh is working as head of the lab "Social media software, technology & apps”.

Social media services at one glance:

Beyond our Facebook bundle, we offer you additional services in the field of social media.

  • Analysis of your target group and find out where they stay
  • Brainstorming and design of your idea and campaign
  • Implementation of simple pages and individual contests up to complex applications
  • Expansion and merging of already existing systems with social media
  • Monitoring of your campaign
  • Expansion of your communication channels and business logic