Start your individual online store technically carefree with the Kuborgh E-commerce Bundle

The Kuborgh E-commerce Bundle includes our best practices from years of experience in designing perfectly working online stores. You don’t need to care about technical basics. Our bundled services provide a solid, high-quality basis for a functioning shop. So you can focus on the actual success story of your shop!

The Kuborgh E-commerce Bundle

As an online store operator you primarily want to present your products in an appealing way on the web and sell them successfully. To start directly with your intention, we have considered and prepared all technically important matters and compiled them in the Kuborgh E-commerce Bundle – so you don’t have to deal with default settings at all. The basic installation is fully functional and guarantees a useable, high-quality shop solution. At the same time, the e-commerce package is not only a simple building-kit, but designed in an open and flexible way so that it can be adapted to each of your individual ideas. After all, you know best what is unique about your products and how they can be offered most effectively.

The way to a perfect shop

We cleanly implement your personal online shop by use of proven state-of-the-art shop-systems like Magento Commerce and Sylius (a modern shop system based on Symfony). In the process, we especially consider the issue of "conversion" – an "increase in conversion rate" refers to an increasing number of buyers or prospects which actually decide to purchase a product, because one of your targets is certainly to attract more customers and increase sales. Due to the professional application of our best practices in search engine optimization (SEO), your shop will moreover be easily searchable and quickly found.
A selection of different payment systems is integrated as well so that payment processes can be handled easily directly from the start. Of course, all transactions are SSL-encoded – it needs no further mention that we stick to the current laws and regulations regarding data protection.

Networking your store

We also look for a targeted integration in the most important and far-reaching social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, to connect your shop in an optimal way and enable a living communication with your target audience.
Because your customers will also want to visit your shop on the way, our delivery includes a basic responsive template that ensures a flawless presentation of the site on mobile devices. If your desires are more ambitious, the e-commerce package can be expanded by the Frontend Bundle.
We pay attention to short charging times and carry out regular load tests during the development to ensure that your shop runs smoothly even during peak hours, when the traffic is high.
Expert advice on the subject of certification and approval of online stores (Trusted Store/TUV), which is the standard in context of buyer protection and legal certainty, is included in the bundle as well.
Because of the open architecture of the Kuborgh E-commerce Bundle, extensions are not limited. If, for example, you want to link your warehouse management or your ERP system to your shop, we will individually work out the best technical interface-solution for you.

E-commerce Bundle at one glance:

  • Product categories
  • Product types
  • User administration/registration (including Facebook)
  • Payment systems
  • CMS/blog
  • Social media connectivity (including Pinterest)
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Certifications (Trusted Shops-Seal)
  • (ERP system)